INSTRMNT is a Glasgow based, multi-disciplinary team with a single objective: to create minimalist, high quality goods that are accessible to all.

The first product from the duo of Ross Baynham and Pete Sunderland is the INSTRMNT 01;  a watch that takes its inspiration from “the industrial design of the mid 20th century”, and features very little (in a positive sense). The minimal utilitarian design combines a Swiss Ronda 585 3H movement, steel casing, Sapphire crystal glass and leather strap-  and is aimed at people who ” want to know the time and the date. That’s it.”

What is especially interesting about the timepiece is how it arrives- uniquely presented in a nicely branded box… in pieces. “Like an instrument that you put together,” the 01 comes in an easy to construct kit- form, complete with all the tools you need of quick assembly.

Perfect for anyone who likes bit of DIY, and simple enough for those who don’t. 

For more information- visit INSTRMNT.

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