Roux. is a new London-based label launched earlier this year by designer Greg White and advertising agency Kastner & Partners. Drawing on 10 years’ experience living and working in London’s Soho district, the collective is inspired by the people, architecture and style that embody the area, thus imbuing their clothes with the same unique qualities.

This month sees Roux. release their second drop of their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. Entitled ‘Scuro’ (lookbook photos below), the range focuses on the qualities of bold contrasts, drawing its inspiration from the artistic technique of Chiaroscuro, literally meaning ‘light and dark’ and how the strength of darkness often defines light. Consisting of a tonal black-on-black varsity jacket and shirt, tonally contrasting sweatshirts and joggers in a lighter grey marl, and three black-on-black t-shirts limited to 48 prints, the collection marks an increase in product categories since the initial launch of the label back in August.

Eager to find out more about the label, we caught up with our good friend Greg White. Q&A’s below…


The Milltown: What was the initial idea behind Roux. and how did it all begin?

Greg White: I was approached by the advertising agency Kastner & Partners London who were looking to invest in new ideas and individuals and were also aware of my previous work with the label Chateau Roux. Although Roux. is a new brand, I’ve carried across some of the old aesthetic and inspiration from that previous period. We began working on the new product and branding delivery and developing our social platforms towards the end of 2013 and launched in August this year with a collection of UK hand-printed t-shirts. The recent release of the Scuro collection has increased our product offer with sweatshirts and joggers, shirt and jacket added to the range.

TM: Can you tell us a bit more about the ethos of the brand- ‘Carve your own path’?

GW: Having spent over 10 years working in soho, I was always drawn to, and inspired by, the eclectic styles and confidence of individuals i’d see day to day. Carving your own isn’t necessarily about being the best at something or the coolest or smartest, it’s not elitist, it’s about an inner confidence that individuals possess that allows them to avoid following paths but to go on and create… ‘carve’ their own. Be influenced, but understand why you’ve been influenced.

Roux_Scuro_Lookbook12Roux_Scuro_Lookbook10 Roux_Scuro_Lookbook11

TM: You used visual story teller Mr Whisper to shoot the lookbook. How did the collaboration come about?

GW: We’ve been friends for a long time and I’d always been a huge fan but it’s only been recently through his distinctive photography style and the launch of Roux. that it dawned on us we should collaborate. The @mrwhisper Instagram account is insanely good with the images having a stunning emotional and ‘inky’ feel, a look which completely complemented the Scuro collection, it was a no-brainer. There’s definitely more to come from the Roux. x Mr Whisper partnership…

TM: What’s your favourite piece of the collection?

GW: My favourite piece is the black on black Scuro Mesh Varsity as it represents all the qualities of ‘Chiaroscuro’- the study of light and dark and the inspiration behind Scuro – and importantly offers a subtle nod towards favourite products worked on in the past.

TM: What’s next for Roux.?

GW: January and AW15 will be a big step forward for us in terms of product offer and the first forward selling period from our showroom in Clerkenwell. We’re focussed on developing our distribution strategy and have also recently taken steps to appoint focussed PR for the label. For SS15 we’ll also be concentrating on smaller, considered projects that we’ll produce out of our UK facility based up in Nottingham.

To find our more about the label and to shop the Scuro collection, head over to Roux..

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