As can be seen from some of our recent posts, the time has come to get your scarves out; not only to keep you warm, but also to look the part (if you buy well of course). With this in mind, we thought Études’ woolly neck-wear options deserved a mention…

Based in Paris and New York, Études’ collections are inspired by the people and the places the designers were touched by. Blending timelessness and experimentation, the brand creates clothes that are both contemporary and that tell a certain story. Spontaneity is at the heart of every collection, each of which are considered as a new beginning. As part of their current collection the label has a selection of luxurious lambswool scarves, interestingly named Magnolia (evidently a reference to something other than colour), that cannot fail to impress. Notably soft to the touch, and great to look at, the scarves come in 3 solid colours, including Étude’s signature Cobalt Blue, as well as a special Pia Howell design.

Really nice products from one of our favourite labels.

Available from Études.

Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves 2 Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves 3 Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves 4 Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves 5 Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves 6 Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves 7 Etudes 'Magnolia' Lambswool Scarves 8