Mamnick’s Thom Barnett has come up with yet another great accessory as part of the label’s trademark Sheffield stainless-steel collection. After the Chippie Fork, Everyday Clip, Everyday Holder and Page Marker, we present you with the Everyday Knife. Equally as unique as the label’s past creations, the Everyday Knife is based on a small carving knife which was given to Thom when he was 14 years old by his granddad. Every item that comes out of Mamnick’s inventory comes with a genuine, heartfelt story- something that we believe plays a vital role in the label’s ongoing success.

The Everyday Knife is one of these special items which you can fit discreetly in your pocket, allowing you to take it everywhere you go; whether it be a camping trip or as part of your daily routine, it will sure come in handy. The brushed stainless steel handle and level of craftsmanship means that this is also the sort of item which you will keep for years to come.

While the knives have already sold out on Mamnick’s online shop, the label has produced an exclusive collaborative run with local independent store Ideology, limited to 15 pieces- the knives have been numbered from 1 to 15.

Get yours now while stocks last- from Ideology.

Mamnick Everyday Knife Mamnick Everyday Knife (2)

Mamnick Everyday Knife (3)