OK…. One of our favourite pieces of outerwear from the current season (so far) has just landed, exclusively at Hickoree’s. And as a follow up to our earlier brand overview of Waste(Twice), we wanted to take a closer look:

Waste(Twice)’s Hunter jacket is modelled on a game jacket from the 1920’s and is constructed using a mixed montage of linen, hemp, & cotton fabrics in gabardine, herringbone, grosgrain, and ripstop weaves- put together by some of the most skilled hands in the business.

An array of exceptional materials and textures are brought together with a specifically limited colour pallet, culminating in a jacket of consummate quality. We especially admire the large ‘game’ pocket on the back of the jacket, which would be great for use whilst riding your bike. However, If you don’t happen to ride a bike, it doesn’t matter- the pocket looks great anyway.

The Hunter Jacket is a lot of fun without being gimmicky- Waste(Twice) has created a gem.

Get it from Hickoree’s.